To Begin Again

“She felt something click inside. She suddenly realised she was no longer available for careers, relationships, thoughts that weren’t in alignment with her highest expression, desires and truth. Her worthiness had grown roots, and she was now unshakeable in the belief that she was worthy of a life in magic. And she knew that the only person that could give her that.. was herself. So she put on her crown and got to work.”

2018, I had unfinished business with you going in. I had to finish another year with totus tuus and figure out who made me truly happy. I had to rejuvenate my faith and my love life with Christ. I had to make new friends and new memories. I had to begin my fall semester and declare my minor in classes.

This was a year of many ‘agains and new” this upcoming spring semester, I have learned that i’m no longer going to worry about others as much as I did in 2018 and worry about myself more because by worrying about others, I lost myself drastically.

I deserve more for myself.

2018 has given me a new stepping stone in life and 2019 is going to be ten times bigger. I can’t wait to begin anew and live my best life.

This year, i’m going to be happy. as happy as I can be because I have all I need, everyone in my corner. I know the difference between fake friends and real ones.

This year, I’ll be making changes to my blog. I’m going to start anew. I’ve learned that my faith life has become more private. Therefore, I’m changing my faith blog into a lifestyle blog. It’s just more ‘me.’ I do appreciate all of you who have tuned in for these past three years into my blog of “In His Name.” I’ve recently changed my blog name into “In a Luna’s World” I’ll be updating more of recent things in my life and building of myself.

There’s more about me but you’ll learn more about me as we go.

Love and appreciate you all!

Thank you for accepting me for me.

Jessica Luna

Thoughts, words, life and love.

What do I believe in?

Well, I believe in love at first sight but I also believe in pain. I believe in the type of pain that becomes inspiration or motivation.

Inspiration is the oxygen and motivation is the act of breathing it all in.

Maybe you stumbled upon this page because you were left without air in looks for oxygen?

Sometimes, I spend my entire night on Pinterest looking up DIY’s that I want to make but I know I never will do or reading blogs hoping to find the key i’m looking for and finding outfits that I know I could never pull off.

All of this just to find my oxygen.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

I’ve come to realize I can bring my own self to the table, my stories, life and advice. I aspire to be the oxygen you’re looking for.

My name is Jessica Luna, more commonly known as Luna. I’m a journalism, theology major at Benedictine College. I don’t know what I want to be once I graduate. I want to do my masters but at the same time, i’m not 100% sure. I want to become a famous blogger yet, I feel like I don’t have sufficient skills. I want to become a poet however, I suck at explaining what I feel. I want to become a singer but I have huge stage fright.

I want to be a nobody so that maybe one day, I might be recognized as a saint but this girl has a lot of sins that the world can’t even carry.

I just simply want to write. I want to write it all. My dreams, my hopes and what ifs. I want to explain who I am and how I got here. I don’t need fame and fortune, I just want to simply be me.

I want to inspire, create, love and motivate.

I want to show and share my life with you.

Will you let me?