Día de Los Muertos

 Día de Los Muertos means “Day of the Dead” in english.  It is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd.  Families will set up altars called “ofrendas.” The ofrendas are decorated with vivid colors, such as purple, yellow, orange, and red.  On the ofrendas, pictures of loved ones  who have passed away are put on the altar, along with food.  Food like tamales, pozole, and calavares (sugar skulls) are often eaten during Día de Los Muertos. 

The idea behind Día de Los Muertos is that relatives who have passed on come back to visit the living.  According to Day of the Dead website, “Families visit graveyards and often share meals next to the graves of their loved ones, and large celebrations take place in graveyards and public squares.” Families celebrate their relatives by eating with them and partaking in festivals. They honor their dead through Día de Los Muertos.  

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