The Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists

Another difficulty the Federalists faced was creating a government that combined stability and energy while focusing on liberty and civility.  It was a question of how to balance power and control in government while maintaining freedom for the people. 

“Stability on the contrary, requires, that the hands, in which power is lodged, should continue for a length of time the same.  A frequent change of men will result from a frequent return of electors; and a frequent change of measures, from a frequent change of men: whilst energy in government requires not only a certain duration of power, but the execution of it by a single hand.”  (Madison, pg. 181).  

The government needed to be in stable hands for a longer period of time but also needed to be able to change those stable hands so that liberty and civility would be guaranteed, just in case someone in power abused their privileges.  The Founding Fathers took into account these problems and prepared for them by establishing checks and balances.

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